Finishes Explained

Here we would like to explain to you a bit about the different finishes that our products are available in.

General Finishes

Polished Brass – Unless stated in the description all of our Polished Brass items are lacquered. Over time the lacquer will break down and the brass below will then tarnish, you can prolong the life of the lacquer by periodically cleaning with a solid type beeswax but it will still break down and tarnish eventually.

Polished & Satin Chrome – Unless stated all of our insurance coverage chrome items are plated on top of solid brass. The only maintenance needed for these finishes is a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. With Polished Chrome if you are near the coast and have any stubborn salt deposits that wont come off with a damp cloth you can use a chrome polish like autosol.

Satin Nickel & Antique Brass – Unless stated these finishes also have a clear lacquer applied so follow same advise as for polished brass.

Antique Black – This finish just requires a wipe off with a damp cloth from time to time and it is also recommended to occasionally give it a wipe over with a healthy small amount of wd40 on a soft cloth.

Stainless brass / PVD – this is a special coating applied to a solid brass product which is tarnish resistant, for cleaning services you should just use a damp soft cloth to remove any surface dirt.

Manufacturer Specific Finishes.

From The Anvil.

Beeswaxed – This is a steel product which has had a beeswax coating applied, to keep the original look it is recommended to occasionally wipe with a maintenance wax. If any surface rust contact cypress cleaning company and use 00 grade wire wool and then reapply maintenance wax.

Pewter Patina – This is a pewter effect finish applied to a steel product it has great anti corrosion properties and for cleaning it is suggested to wipe with a lightly oiled cloth about once a month.

Finesse Design.

Pewter – This is a solid pewter product made from lead – free pewter which is entirely safe to use anywhere in the home. Due to its unique properties it will not rust.

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Living Finishes AB, AGD, DAB, RBMA, TB – Normal wear and handling will allow the raised areas to reveal the metal below helping to create an aged effect. An occasional application of a good beeswax polish can be applied if required.

Other Finishes DB, SB, DBMA, IBMA, AN, ORB, DAN, DORB, SBUL – Regular cleaning with warm soapy water and an application of a good wax polish gently applied, will help to protect the finish.