About us


We’re a shop called Hinges & Brackets Ltd located in the Cathedral City Of Canterbury Kent.

We began trading way back in 1984 at 122 Wincheap Canterbury. As the company became more established further branches followed, Ashford in 1988 and then Maidstone came along in 1992. As the years went by these branches were very soon added to with another in Tunbridge Wells in 1994 and Bromley in 1997.

Coming back to us in Canterbury over time we found ourselves restricted by the size of our premises as being the first branch that opened we were also the smallest, so in 2008 came the big move to our current premises 35 Wincheap, roughly 200 yards from where we were but a much larger shop.

Then in 2010 we separated from the rest of the Hinges & Brackets shops and became our own entity and that is why we are now here with a website that we have chosen to call Canterbury Brass and now we are setting out to create our own identity and name.

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